Ice bank silos are the celebrated result of our own R&D. A growing number of dairies, ice cream factories and other food and beverage companies have chosen to improve their product quality with our stainless steel ice bank silos. Thermal energy storage (TES) is a revolutionary new approach to refrigeration problems and their economic and efficient solution.

Our Ice bank silo would help your production to ensure colder ice water temperatures and the cold chain quality stays better (stable temperature). We see that our silo has strong benefits to help your process by storaging cooling energy and supplying very cold water for your equipment.

Storaging cooling energy in form of ice has become more and more popular now when the energy consumption topics are hot. Dairies can make ice when electricity price is cheaper and use it when it is expensive. Some dairies even store the wind power to the form of ice when it is very windy and then use it during the costly hours.  Our biggest silo has storage capacity of 7000 kWh and the cooling effect can handle peaks of several megawatts. Silos can also be connected to serial or parallel connection to increase the capacity even bigger. Many of our clients have up to 4 silos in same system.

Ice accumulation around the spiral coils inside the silo increase the cooling area up to 4 times to the original pipe surface area. This means that also the cooling effect is 4 times higher and the silo can easily handle the peaks from the production. 

To measure the cost-effectiveness of an ice bank silo we have developed a cost simulation program. In its first step, the customer’s consumption profile is entered into the program, this allows us to see the ice water temperature that can be achieved with the ice bank silo. On this basis, a comparison can be made in terms of energy costs between an ice bank silo and a traditional heat exchanger solution. 

The achievable savings in energy costs are up to 30 % lower on an annual basis, taking into account the effect of the power charge. We can calculate the savings potential for your project when we know your consumption profile and the different price components of electricity.

Ice bank silo has many advantages

Small space. The ice bank silo tanks need only a minimum of ground space. As a result, they are easy to install and requires only a simple foundation.

No separate cover needed. An ice bank silo does not need to be installed inside a building, which means lower building costs.

High hygiene requirements. The ice water produced in our ice bank silos complies with the extremely high hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry.

A variety of connection possibilities. The ice bank silo can be connected in parallel or in serial to a traditional ice bank distribution system.

Easy to extend. An ice bank silo system can be easily extended by adding more silos. Moving the entire system to another site is also possible. The clean surface of the stainless steel piping improves heat transfer.

Unique ice-thickness control system. To reduce costs and to get maximal cooling effect, we have automatized the ice-thickness control system. The silos are equipped with an automatic ice-thickness measuring device developed by Tankki.

Low running costs. The running costs of the ice bank silo system can be kept under control by regulating the ice-thickness and by minimizing the use of the impeller. Also cleaning and maintenance costs are minimal. All common refigeration media can be used.

Efficient cold energy reservoir. Tankki’s ice water bank silo is an efficient cold energy reservoir, balancing the varying energy consumption of the production process. With our product you can dimension the main equipment according to the average load and cover the peaks with cooling energy stored in form of ice.

Our company has made ice bank silos during the last 40 years more than 160 pieces all around the world. Silos are made from stainless steel, which ensures long lifetime.

Among the companies that have chosen our ice bank silos are:

  • Valio, Finland
  • Ehrmann and Goldsteig Käsereien Bayerwald, Germany
  • Nestlé, Spain
  • Dos Pinos, Costa Rica
  • Morinaga, Japan
  • Mehsana dairy, India

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We have good and informative presentations/animations of our silo and we can share them with your technical team via skype to show you the function of our silo and benefits.

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