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We have long experience in designing and manufacturing stainless steel tanks for the dairy and food industries. And we want to do our part to help our customers produce great new food products!

Tankki Oy also manufacture mechanical devices for dairy, meat and bakery industries, where the requirements for hygiene and cleanability are very high. If necessary, we can equip the tanks with instruments and control logic. We use Siemens S7-1200 logic in the controls.

Efficient heat transfer brings productivity to processes and has an essential function in terms of the final product. We produce different structural solutions according to different uses, and with the calculation program we have developed, we can calculate the heating and cooling times of the product in the design phase, so that the heat transfer works optimally and is one factor in improving the productivity of the process.

We design and manufacture for example:

  • process tanks
  • silos
  • storage tanks
  • CIP tanks
  • tanks for new goods/products for example oat and soy based products.
  • other food containers
  • other food machinery, equipment and maintenance

We also design, manufacture and deliver special tailor-made equipment for research institutes and universities.

Quality you can trust

Tankki is a well-known brand in the food production industry. We have been one of the industry’s trusted suppliers for decades, we are familiar with the processes and constantly update our own expertise and incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies.

In the food industry, the requirements for tank hygiene are high. Our approach is clear: Tankki’s job is to help you produce the best possible products. We will provide you with the highest quality solutions for every situation.

Partner with us

We invest in design and production quality, develop our processes carefully and ensure all our projects and services run smoothly.

It’s always a pleasure working with us.

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