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In Finland we have become accustomed to high quality, even if it requires hard work. Finnish engineering is in a league of its own. High levels of education and expertise sets the bar high. Tankki is one of Finland’s leading stainless steel tank manufacturers, which means that our products rank high globally, too.

Our mission is to design and manufacture tanks and equipment that help our customers to create the best possible products. We are enthusiastic about research and development and eager to create new products in cooperation with our clients. We are ready to help, whatever the challenge is.


Working with us is easy. We manage the entire production chain from design and material procurement, all the way up to delivery. We understand the challenges and processes of your industry, and we are able to tailor our project to your schedule and specific needs.

For us, it is important that your project runs smoothly. That is why we are always easy to reach, and we will keep you up to date on the progress of your project every step of the way.


We care about your project, and our interest in our products doesn’t end with delivery. We want to make sure that they perform as they should.

Long-term, comprehensive partnerships lead to the best achievements and results that we can be proud of. Therefore, for us it is important that you are satisfied with the project and each aspect of our cooperation. We want to be your trusted partner.

We are also interested in your future needs. Stay in touch! And at the start of a new project, call us in as early as possible to get the full benefit from our expertise.

Ask more about our expertise!

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