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We have provided high quality brewing tanks to Nordic breweries since 1967. Almost all Finnish breweries and a number in Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic countries rely on our high quality products.

Our biggest combi tanks have a volume of 3000 hl. We have the capacity to manufacture tanks up to 6000 hl in volume. We also manufacture BBT and CCT tanks.

We also design, manufacture and supply microbrewery and pub brewery systems and special tailor-made equipment for research institutes and universities.

If necessary, we can also equip the tanks with instruments and control logic. We use Siemens S7-1200 logic in the controls.

Our recent clients include

  • Hartwall Brewery, Finland
  • Sinebrychoff Brewery, Finland
  • Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Brewery, Finland
  • Olvi Brewery, Finland
  • Nokia Brewery, Finland
  • Mallaskoski Brewery, Finland
  • Beer Hunter’s Brewery, Finland
  • Vena Brewery Brewery, Russia
  • Spendrups Brewery, Sweden

”The only thing we’ve had to replace on the mash kettle since 1997 is the engine of the heat control valve”

Working with us is easy. We manage the entire production chain from design and material procurement, all the way up to delivery. We understand the challenges and processes of your industry, and we are able to tailor our project to your schedule and specific needs.

Interested to find out more? Get in touch!

+358 6 510 1111