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Special equipment

Over the years, our company has become a specialist in a wide range of specialized equipment, which has always been developed to meet the needs of the customer. With this expertise, we are able to create new solutions for different industries. Our skilled engineering department can help you with even the most demanding need.

Here are some examples of our special products:

  • Various pressure filters, for example, for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Fermentors
  • Mixing of demanding highly viscous fluids/ solid material
  • Butter and frozen jam melters
  • Powder silos with instruments and accessories for example for lignin
  • Cyclones
  • Industrial-scale ion-exchange filters for handling fluids from a variety of materials
  • Equipment and tanks to cleanroom specificated areas

We can make these tanks from the following materials: EN 1.4307, EN 1.4404, 904L, C22, 254 smo and Hastelloy.

Hastelloy C22 has excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing environments. Hastelloy is used e.g. in chemical and industrial pipelines, heat exchangers and tanks. We have manufactured different sizes of pressure filters, reactors and mixers from Hastelloy material for high pressures and temperatures.

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