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“Trust in Tankki Oy´s operations is one important reason for cooperation – one of the most important value is when you know what you’re getting. This is based on long-term cooperation.”

Tankki Oy´s and Coctio´s successful cooperation has lasted for more than twenty years. Tankki has supplied to Coctio various tanks and now, as the latest product, double-sized flat-bottomed tanks designed as a result of successful cooperation. These tilted tank´s are delivered to Vietnam and are used in production of various broths used in food preparation.

Our design team helped to find solutions for e.g. increasing the size of the tanks and thereby enabling a bigger engine. We also found solutions for how to transport these products in sea containers to the final destination. The possibility to transport the products to Vietnam in sea containers brought considerable benefit to the transport costs and thereby influenced the customer’s purchase decision.

Coctio´s CEO Kai Iiskola also appreciates that the products are made in Finland. He mentions with satisfaction that “since the products are manufactured in Finland, time is saved, you can visit the supplier easily and communication is easy. Trust in Tankki Oy is also one important reason for cooperation – one important value is when you know what you are getting. This is base of long-term cooperation.”

Coctio has standardized their products as far as possible to ensure efficiency and quality. It´s important that the end customer gets exactly what they want from their end product when starting to produce and manufacture own products. “With Tankki´s equipments, this seems to work very well. The products are durable and excellent,” says Iiskola.

This is how Iiskola explains the cooperation with Tankki: “I absolutely recommend cooperation with Tankki; It is easy to do business with Tankki and wishes are fulfilled. Overall cost-effective cooperation.”

Coctio is a global leader in designing and manufacturing bone broth, sauce and soup production lines.