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Tankki Oy invests in the future! Laser cutter purchased for production.

Tankki Oy has made a significant equipment investment. A lasercutting machine has been purchased for production, which will arrive in the summer of 2021 and will be commissioned at the end of the year. The investment is a major reform of our operations and will significantly make our operations more flexible, efficient and faster.

The investment is part of Tankki Oy’s strategic decision to develop production and remain a pioneer in tank production. CEO Antti Rantala states that “Tankki Oy’s vision is to be one of the leading tank manufacturers in the Nordic countries, and equipment investment is an investment in this.”

“The laser cutter is a major innovation and I see that using laser cuts makes manufacturing easier and faster, this is the right direction! With the investment, we want to invest in a modern production facility, engage our skilled employees and be one of the most significant employers in our region. The purchase of a laser cutter also has a positive effect on our customers. With this investment, we will be able to serve the customer better, for example by enabling even faster production times. ” commented our Production manager Lasse Ojanen.