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Speed for design with Tankki’s configurator

Elomatic designed a large project for a domestic customer this year. In this project Tankki Oy supplied various tanks for water cooling and also several tanks for plant’s other processes. Tankki´s new product configurator was utilized in the design of these tanks.

Tankki’s configurator helps to find the best product options and solutions in close co-operation with the customer. With the configurators interface it’s possible to enter and visualize tank dimensions together with its nozzles and other equipment. As a result configurator constructs an accurate 3D model and main drawings quickly from the customers tank at a touch of a button.

Basic information for the project was collected efficiently in a Teams meeting together with the customer by sharing a screen. During the meeting, while entering nozzles in the configurator, a need for changes was noticed to the original nozzle locations. Changes were effortless to make instantly using the configurator and from the preview of the interface the suitability of new nozzle locations was easy to check and verify.

With the help of Tankki’s configurator customer can quickly get access to 3D models of the tanks with all the necessary nozzles in order to place the models to a 3D plant model for more accurate factory design. This allows customers process designers to be able to fit pipelines and check suitability of other connections more quickly than before. This also reduces the number of commenting rounds required and significantly speeds up the design process for both parties.

According to the project manager Taneli Arola: “With the help of Tankki’s configurator, we were able to get the 3D models of the tanks on a very fast schedule and continue the process design in other areas. As project lead times shorten all the time, effective tools and expertise to use them becomes always more important. In remote working the importance of illustration is emphasized and with configurators live 3D model we immediately got a good idea of what the desired changes looked like in practice.”

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