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In the 70s and 80s we manufactured dozens of milk collection tankers and trailers for different cooperations all over Finland. We also manufactured some fire trucks in the 90s.

Since Valio standardized their milk collection tankers, we felt that we should try to head back to this market sector, since the materials and applications were the same as with firmly installed tanks.

Development director Petteri Tahvanainen from Valio was eager to do a pilot trailer where Tankki would provide the tank and VAK would build the platform. Both were leading experts in their own fields.

We organized several development events where the goal was, no more or less, than to design and manufacture the best trailer in Finland. Since the first trailers have been on the road, the feedback from the drivers has been very positive.

We will continue to develop the structure in the future and investigate other possible applications for the trailer.

Antti Rantala
CEO, Tankki Oy